Friday, April 23, 2010


I love Fridays. The day our freedom begins. The last day to get ready for work, the last day to struggle with Trin to get her on her school bus.

With warm weather among us Friday takes on a new definition. It can be the weekend getaway, or if you're lucky Friday can be a day off for several weeks (who is this lucky?!).

Fridays = payday, extravagant lunches, afterwork cocktails with friends to catch up on the juicy tidbits that happened during the week. Friday is the day we get relief and let it all go.....until Monday morning.
My Friday Lunch - Beef Pad See Ew & Thai iced tea at Pongsri in NYC, Delish!

Enjoy your Friday! TGIF.

What are you doing this Friday?


tanesha said...

Hi Kiana! This is Tanesha (Fred's wife) how are you? Puff told us about your blog so I thought I'd show you some love! Anyway it's great and I'm happy to hear that "Take Your Child To Work Day" was a big hit! By the way I read your profile and you and I have a lot in common especially "Sookie Stackhouse" I love "True Blood"!

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