Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex Addiction: Sex and the City 2 Review

Not sure where to start...this movie is amazing! The Sex, The City (I love my city!!!!) and of  course the fashion......

If you love magazines, glamour and fashion you will love Sex and the City 2. So much eye candy throughout the movie. The clothes are amazing of course, but the backdrops were styled to a tee! Each scene had the perfect everything that made you want to be there. Sand dunes, beaches, private jets, luxury suites with butler service, Maybachs, cabanas - one Vouge photo shoot after the next.. every detail was styled, even the luggage - I loved the luggage!

The movie had so much "go girl" power in it. I love that the girls are still the same and have so much fun together. The comedic timing is perfect - Miranda and Charlotte discussing the trials of motherhood was hilarious! Samantha, is and always will be a sexy, confident, strong woman - she gets it in!

Loved the gay fabness in the movie! So much fun! Okay let's get to the best part the fashion.....speechless, I mean there are no words for the fashion sensory overload that I've experienced from watching this movie, I loved it, but see for yourself:

Go see the movie... your eyes will thank you!

And, because there are no words here is the Sex and the City trailer which I've watched a trillion times even since watching the movie. Such a dork! 



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